Blokner Reviews (7.5/10)

Mysterious ManPosted by Anders Bodin Fri, August 10, 2012 21:52:35

Anders Bodin aka Bodinrocker is longest period in the saddle. He is from Gothenburg, Sweden, and musically, he is faithfull to 70's rock legacies. I have to say that his entire carreare has a respectable promotional campaighn on net, and his actuelle album " Mysterious Man" has been introduced in many webzines, nationally and abroad. " Mysterious Man" are consists of 10 pretty listaneble and melodic tunes, done in mentioned 70's rock manner. His works knows to remind on Status Quo approach, equally vocally and judging by performing threathenings.
But, melodicity is a key weapon of Swedish rocker, and complete materials posses a radio friendly usings. Many of present songs are very, very listenable, and also acceptable for gig performings. Nothing specially new, but Bodinrocker offers a good feelin', enjouable songs and positive vibrations..

Rating : 7, 5 / 10

Branimir Lokner

Sinister Angels Realm (9/10)

Mysterious ManPosted by Anders Bodin Fri, August 10, 2012 21:51:26

Bodinrocker - Mysterious Man

Bodinrocker is Anders Bodin from Gothenburg, Sweden. He delivers a laid back almost 60's / 70's inspired rock n roll, a great chill out album. All of the songs are of the highest quality possible, and very well executed. Although Bodinrocker is a solo project I´d love to see him form a band around this album as he diffidently has something fresh to offer the music scene. Some of the stand out tracks include, Life Is A Mystery, 526 and Legend Of The Saviour.
Highly recommended
Rating - 9/10

Hardrock Haven (7.5/10)

Mysterious ManPosted by Anders Bodin Fri, August 10, 2012 21:49:55

Bodinrocker - Mysterious Man

Gothenburg, Sweden actually produces much more than melodic death metal, and Bodinrocker’s latest release proves it. Mysterious Man is 10 tracks of basically good-natured old-school rock, heavily influenced by the greats of the late 70s and early 80s.

Bodinrocker was Anders Bodin’s teenage nickname, and he’s done a good job of making it stick. Playing guitars, some bass and singing lead, Bodin does his best to deliver big guitar riffs, upbeat blues-based rhythms and inoffensive vocals. Deciding to travel as a solo artist, Bodin worked with keyboard player Lars Ekberg and released Hall Of Flames in 2006. After some modest success in Sweden, Bodin got back into the studio and began work on his sophomore effort, Mysterious Man.

Bodin continues to handle lead vocals and guitars. He is a decent singer with a pleasant and unassuming voice – and his voice is well suited to his preferred style of mellow classic rock. His guitar work is outstanding, and most of his songs have a definite "UFO" feel to them. A decent soloist and catchy rhythm player, Bodin’s music is kicky, bouncy and always melodic. Writing songs about life and living, his lyrics are for the most part positive and at times downright goofy and humorous – filled with references to music, exploration and motorcycles. Only the last two tracks break from this "good time" feel. "Endless Pain" is a bleak song dealing with suicide while "Legend Of The Savior" is a respectful look at the life of Jesus Christ.

Bodin has built a solid band behind him. Co-producer Lars Ekberg does a good job on the keyboards, blending in nicely without dominating, and playing a mean old-school Hammond organ or blues piano. Marcus Sigvardsson is a solid and capable bass player, but for the most part he seems content to be in the background. Drummer Klas Anderhell is an ideal drummer for this style of rock – just flashy enough to really be noticed but not in-your-face obnoxious. The album’s production values are very good – warm and slightly fuzzed while somehow remaining crisp and clean.

Musical highlights include the great guitar solo on "Life Is A Mystery," the solid vocal performance and hot guitar licks on "526," the great bluesy groove of "Back On Track," the peaceful tropical images called up by the lyrics of "This Is Life," and the general goofy and humorous tone of the toe-tapping "Scooter."

On the whole, Mysterious Man is a fun album and a good listen. There is nothing offensive or objectionable here – just good music played with enthusiasm and raw talent. While not evolutionary or groundbreaking in any sense, Bodinrocker proves that old-school isn’t dead – or even just resting…

Recommended for any fan of classic rock.

Joe Mis

Power Play (6/10)

Mysterious ManPosted by Anders Bodin Fri, August 10, 2012 21:48:19

Anders Bodin aka Bodinrocker is a swedish inspired rocker who discovered the joys of rock music at a very young age, picking up the guitar and writing songs since he was ten years of age.

"Mystery Man" is the second album that Bodinrocker have produced and I must say that if you are into Status Quo, then you will love the work that Anders has done. The band, above all others that have been cited as influences, shines through tracks such as "Get me on the road", "526", "Back on track" and the single "Scooter", which has a sound very similar to a melodic slower paced "Roll over lay down" from Status Quo.

"Mystery Man" is a light hearted, rocking and well produced listening experience. Since the subject matter on the album isn´t complex, you can simply sit back and enjoy the musical capabilities of Bodinrocker.

Glenn Butler

Classic Rock Society

Mysterious ManPosted by Anders Bodin Fri, August 10, 2012 18:10:02

Bodinrocker, Mysterious Man, Bearman Music

Bodinrocker is Anders Bodin of Gothenburg in Sweden. Over the years he has been involved in a few bands but finally settled with his present. The band has been influenced by 70´s hard rock, pop/rock, Neil Young, Rod Stewart, the Faces and The Who. They sound like Status Quo, Whitesnake and trhe Beatles.

"Mysterious Man" is loaded with melodies, guitar riffs and Hammond organ. The songs are stories, adventures and reflections of life. Two tracks have been released as singles, "Mysterious Man" and "Scooter". Any Status Quo fans out there should enjoy this.


Home of Rock

Mysterious ManPosted by Anders Bodin Fri, August 10, 2012 18:00:26

BODINROCKER alias Anders Bodin mit einem neuen Album. Dieses Album nötigt den Rezensenten zu BAD COMPANYscher Kürze und Konzentration – es klingt wie Dein STATUS QUO Album – irgendeins, bevorzugt allerdings in der mittleren Phase, als die Jungs nach "Dog Of Two Head" mit "Quo" den Boogie aber so etwas von entdeckten, pachteten, verwursteten, plattwalzten, ausdehnten – Whatever You Want! Und damit könnte, wenn ich in wirklich schlechter Gesellschaft wäre, die Review vorbei sein.

Vielleicht noch das: abgesehen vom Party Rocker Intro Life Is A Mystery, das gut auf jede 38SPECIAL CD, wenn sie "Wild-Eyed Southern Boys" heißt, passt, sind Tracks wie Get Me On The Road, Scooter, 526 und Back On Track aber sowas von QUO (inklusive Honky-Tonk Piano auf Back On Track), dass jedem QUO-Fan der Speichel im Mund zusammenlaufen muss. Und das ist so ungeschönt und ungeheuchelt – Anders macht überhaupt keinen Hehl daraus, dass er sich an den Status Quo hält. Vielleicht fließen auch noch ein bisschen frühe WHITESNAKE mit ein, oder DEEP PURPLE .
Aber es geht auch anders: Beispiele sind das lehrbuchmäßige No Destination, mit seinen ständigen Taktwechseln sehr abwechslungsreich produziert, und der Shuffle This Is Life. Auch die letzten drei Tracks, Mysterious Man, Endless Pain, Legend Of A Saviour, sind Tracks, die das genannte 38 SPECIAL Album veredeln würden - knackiger Rock Marke "Gut".

Ansonsten bleibt der Rocker auf seinem Bodin, mit beiden Beinen, und gibt höchste unterhaltsame 45 Minuten gut durchgebratene Rockmusik-Burger raus. Ernährt nicht so gesund wie ein, sagen wir mal, non-meat Veg-Genesis Menü zu Zeiten ihres Prog-Rock, macht aber prima satt. Und man ist froh und zufrieden. Herz, was willst Du mehr – los, auf den Tanzbodin!

Dietrich Gastrock 08.12.2010

Marios Metal Mania (74/100)

Mysterious ManPosted by Anders Bodin Fri, August 10, 2012 17:59:41

BODINROCKER is a Swedish Hard Rock band existing of Anders Bodin (lead vocals, guitar), Marcus Sigvardsson (bass), Klas Anderhell (drums) and Lars Ekberg (piano, Hammond, backing vocals). Actually, Bodinrocker is an old nickname of Anders Bodin, who started writing songs at the age of ten. In 2006 Anders Bodin released his debut solo album "Hall Of Flames" and in 2008 he started working on his next album, which is "Mysterious Man".

With this album "Mysterious Man", which was released this April and features ten songs, we're going back into the mid 70's, because most of the songs on this album reminds very much of STATUS QUO during their hey days in the 70's and early 80's. I don't like all the songs of the album. "This Is Life" is a bit boring and is in my opinion the least song of the album. Also the title track is a bit less, and "526" is just nice.

The first single of the album is "Scooter", which is really a great song and would make QUO's Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt jealous. If "Scooter" was a song of the QUO in the 70's it would be a big hit. The second track of the album, "Get Me On The Road", reminds also slightly of AC/DC. The production of the album, which was done by Lars Ekberg and Anders Bodin, is very good. Bodin is a nice singer, but most of all an excellent guitar player. "Mysterious Man" is, as you will understand, not a very original album, but it sounds damn good.

The songs I like the most on this album are "Life Is A Mystery", "Get Me On The Road", "Back On Track", "No Destination", "Scooter", "Endless Pain" and "Legend Of The Saviour". Anyway, I'm sure that every QUO fan will like this album of BODINROCKER very much. Nice album.

Ad van Osch

Rocka Rolla Web Zine

Mysterious ManPosted by Anders Bodin Fri, August 10, 2012 17:58:19

Que bueno que en este mundo de modernidad absoluta, haya grupos que deciden ir a contramano del resto y cosechar la semilla sembrada por Bad Company, Status Quo, The Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jethro Tull, y tantas otras bandas de los 70’s.
Tal el caso de los Bodinrocker, proyecto del sueco Anders Bodin, quien se hace cargo de las guitarras y la voz, secundado por Marcus Sigvardsson en bajo, Klas Anderhell en batería, y Lars Ekberg en teclados, y que llevan mas de cinco años tocando la música que más les gusta: simple y llano rock 'n' roll. Y con éste, su segundo álbum, salen airosos del trámite demostrando que son músicos muy competentes y profesionales, con diez canciones llenas de groove donde al rock más clásico le adosan toques blues y hasta algo de rock sureño.
Definitivamente los riffs de Bodin son quienes comandan esta placa, dándole a las canciones la fuerza que las mismas necesitan, y digo canciones porque aquí mas que nunca esta presente el formato introducción-verso-estribillo, lo que hace inmediatamente nuestro cerebro comience a asimilar dichas melodías.
En suma, riffs de gran factura y excelentes solos para un disco que desborda feeling, y si, es sólo rock ‘n’ roll... y me gusta. Recomendadísimo.

Javier Salaverry

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